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Damn Good Ideas

At Attollo, we are always brainstorming ideas to improve our current technology. Using a proven end-to-end model that has been refined by Naval Aviation over the last 100 years, we conduct Training Management Planning, Situational Analysis, and Performance and Media Requirements.


safety management system

We create systematic procedures, practices and policies to ensure the highest level of safety is achieved for our customers. Our premise is based upon four pillars: policy, risk management,  safety assurance, safety promotion. 

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SystemS Integration

Tying complex systems together and maximizing their performance allows for best use case scenarios and setting the conditions for program optimization. 

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technology transfer

Through feasibility and proof of concept, commercial potential of proposed efforts is then led to research and development. After successful R&D, commercializing the effort is then pursued. 

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knowledge transfer

From the basics of FAA test preparation to advanced DoD qualifications we provide high quality instruction and education for professional organizations employing remote sensing tools.  We can help you understand and comply with the regulation spectrum from CFR 14 Part 107 to CJCSI 3255.1. Our specialty includes:

Courseware Design and Development

Courseware Delivery

Courseware Revision and Maintenance


flight operations

With over 50 years of combined experience in manned and unmanned aviation, the team at Attollo is comprised of professional aviators. We live and breathe all things related to the aviation industry. 


systems engineering

We provide integrated solutions and services for simulator/emulator devices. Our services encompass logistical support, process and procedure development, and quality control.