Attollo Instructs at the Duke University Marine Robotic and Remote Sensing Lab

The Attollo team was privileged to visit the Duke University Marine Lab on July 17th. Students participating in the Marine Robotics & Remote Sensing (MaRRS) summer course are learning to build their own small UAS (sUAS) and utilize them for scientific work. While not specifically focused on operations as Part 107 Remote Pilots, the MaRRS staff emphasize the need for safe, responsible operations and a thorough understanding of sUAS regulations.

To reinforce the necessity for safety, Attollo was invited to share our experience in aviation and UAS operations. With a focus on context, the Attollo team presented an afternoon of lectures and labs on the National Airspace System and flight planning. Students were not only exposed to the rules and regulations for sUAS operations, but also their role as participants in the complex world of aviation.

Aviation is an industry where the management of risk is a critical to safe operations. Through our decades of UAS experience Attollo knows removing the pilot from the aircraft does not reduce the complexity flight. By giving students an appreciation for why the rules exist we aim to give a better understanding of the risks involved in what may seem to be a benign sUAS flight. After all the first step in mitigating risk is accurately identifying what risks exist in the first place.