Attollo UAS traveled to Hawaii for Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron (VMU) 3’s transition from the RQ-7B “Shadow” to the RQ-21A “Blackjack”.  During the event, Attollo demonstrated its expertise in the implementation and facilitation of training on the Mission Training Device (MTD), a system which serves as the RQ-21A’s simulator/emulator and mission planning device.

Two of the squadron’s subject matter experts were able to receive advanced training on the system’s core applications and usage, as well as coding, networking, and troubleshooting during the event.

“Learning the capabilities of the MTD is a humbling responsibility.” said LopezRoman, a Systems Engineer at Attollo UAS. “The coding files that are created on this device are the same files which are loaded onto the unmanned aircraft for live flights. In essence, the responsibility you now have can determine your unit’s success”.

The Attollo team was able to set-up 4 instructor and student simulator training stations using 8 Mission Training Devices. In total, 16 students were trained utilizing the devices.

Guy Nelson